EJEMPLOS :presente simple y continuo

                                    Oraciones presente simple:

1- *The history of the modern computer begins with blegs.
 2_*A computer is a programmable machine.
 3_*A computer receives input and provides outin a useful format.
4_*Siple computers are small enough tofit  inlo small pocket diveces.
5_*The ability to sture and eyecute list op instructions carred programs makes extremely versatile.
6_*Computers rangins from a netbook to a supercomputer are all able to perform the same computational task.
7_*examples of eary mechanical calculating devices include the abacus.
8_*the castle clack is considered to be the earliest programmable analos computer.
9_*the system is the essence of programmability.
10_*computeris history is interestine.

 Presente continuo:

1_*Aowadays I am working with window vista 2009 at job.
2_*I am updatine my personal computers with new programmes.
3_*to enter on messemger is logging with your password.
4_*the desk computer is maiane some noiset.
5_*all programmes are working very well.
6_*the hard diske is mani pulating all information.
7_*my dassammates are creating their own blogs.
8_*I am studyine enghis lenguaje at intuh.
9_*I am attendingfor the dienwearer iuuser.
10_*I am takin this English course for gettine my title.